Africa Bound!

So it’s confirmed. I’m going back to Morocco. This time it’s in Agadir. I’m extremely pumped about this. Need to get away and it’s the perfect time. I’m leaving in the beginning of October and coming back mid December. I’ll be bringing my portable studio with me to continue working and writing, along with any website work that may come my way. Isn’t the internet awesome!!

There’s so much going on right now. When it rains it pours!! I’m currently working on an audio book of the Bible. Needless to say … it’s a long and full time project!! The Daniel Iorio Group CD ‘Hike’ is done. I can’t wait for all your lovely little ears to hear it!! You can get a taste of it at . Along with 2 other producing jobs, I also have the sound design contract for the upcoming play ‘Almost Blue’ produced by Altera Vitae, a few wedding gigs, demos for 2 other bands and rehearsals with the Morocco band. Whew. But I’m loving it!!