The Final Wrap

ust wrapping up some final projects before I leave. I’m just finishing up the mixing for the first 5 songs that I’m recording for Carolyn-Fe’s album. Songs are sounding great. We were able to get some talented players for the tunes. One song I’m excited about has an incredible trumpet player on it. I’m very happy I was able to capture the incredible tone this man has. And it’s an honor to have a piece of history working with us.

I just completed music for a song I’m producing for a great singer from the U.S. She has a great voice and I’m very excited to be working with her. We’ll be completing the vocals when I get back from Morocco. Check out her page at :

I’m also in the process of working with another great talent, Vicki Tetrault. We’ve met up a few times and we’re working on some great things. This girl is the total package. Just you wait for the New Year!!

And finally, the play ‘Almost Blue’. I’ll be finishing the sound effects for the play this week along with the web site. I’m sad that I won’t be able to see the play in action. So I urge all of you to go for me! Many times!! 🙂

You’ll be seeing a new page link soon on my site. I’ll be creating a blog section to keep everyone up to date with my adventures in Morocco. I’ll be adding stories, photos and video for you guys to see. So stay tuned!!