A Fun Filled Summer Ahead

So production on Daniel Iorio’s album ‘Hike’ is a matter of days away. Dan and I are pretty excited about this. It’s sounding really good. Once all is done it’s just a matter of mastering and off to the printer it goes!! For a sample and more news, visit both his website and myspace page :

I’ve just signed on as sound designer for another play production by Altera Vitae. The play is “Almost Blue” by Keith Reddin and is booked for a two week run at Mainline Theatre November 3 to November 16, 2008.

I’m doing a few demos for bands right now, but there are a few other projects I’m signing on to produce that I’m very excited about. There’s some great talent out there and I’m blessed to have them come my way! I’ll be posting more info and samples when things get rolling.

The fall will be a big one for me as well. I will start teaching at Musicircle and there’s talk of going back to Morocco for a 2 month tour. Stay tuned for more news!!