Recording Projects

Well, I just finished a demo for Carolyn-Fe Trinidad. It was an 8 song demo done for shopping purposes but now it looks like it’ll turn into a full album production. The demo itself was recorded by myself and Chaz Butcher. The same team which recorded the whole Invisible Man CD.

Chaz played all bass, guitar and piano for the majority of the songs and I played drums, except for the songs “Made a Woman Out of Me” and “Stack O Lee” in which I played all the instruments. Beseme Mucho was played by keyboardest extrodinaire, Naveen Uttamchandani. It was a fun experience and I’m looking forward to producing the rest of the songs.

I’m currently rapping up production of Daniel Iorio’s upcoming CD entitled “Hike”. Things have really been moving in the past few weeks and I’m getting real excited to have this project finished and released to the world. I feel big things are going to happen with this. Stay tuned!