So I arrived in Punta Cana. Such a great experience leaving the horrible winter we’ve had. Ice. Snow. Cold. Now it’s 29 degrees celcius and I’m loving it. We had our first 2 days off which was great because we got to settle in and be ready for the first show (which is tonight). We will be doing an hour and fifteen minutes each night. All at various places throughout this quite large resort. I spent my first 2 days walking around here. I’m quite exhausted so I decided to take it easy today to be ready for the show tonight. According to my phone I walked 12 km each day. Which may not be a heck of a lot, but after a few months of winter being sedentary, it’s a big step. 🙂

So I’ll be staying here for 3 weeks. Which will be a lot of fun. Working the first week with “The One Love Project” and the next 2 weeks with be with Tanya Eletto. I’ve done the last 2 years with Tanya and the same guys at different Club Meds (Florida, Mexico). It’ll be a familiar vibe for sure. It’s going to be great 3 weeks!!