Mid Summer Fun

Even though summer is coming to a close, I like to think of it as mid summer. We haven’t had much of a summer, but it seems to be starting now. I’ve been having a great last few months. Playing some nice gigs with some new artists and some old friends. Finally finished tracking for the upcoming Paolo Stante record. I just need to start mixing it now. I also started recording and producing a new record for the artist Nick Azakie. Also working on some musical ideas with old friend Dano Peace. And very excited to be remixing my brother’s first EP from his band Robin Trip. They got their 2″ tape transferred to digital and I’m working at remixing it. It’s been exciting. Along with their EP they had a recording from when they went to L.A. and tracked a song at Grand Master Studios. The snare is the famous “The Terminator” snare that was used on Nirvana’s Nevermind album and many others.

There is a new addition to the studio family!! I got a brand new PDP Concept Maple Series kit. Such a nice kit. Very warm sounding. I tracked a few songs with it and I’m very impressed! I’m looking forward to trying out different tunings and mic techniques with it!

Speaking of which, there is some exciting news. The Associates just finished demoing our 25thish song for the next record. We’re almost ready to start tracking. I’m really excited about this one. Our first record was recorded live off the floor and done in a few days. This record we are really going to take our time with tracking. I am so looking forward to starting. Plus, we just got placed in the Montreal Blues Society Blues Challenge. It’s a contest to send a band from Montreal to compete in Memphis against other blues artists. We’re really looking forward to playing!

Like I mentioned in my past post, I went to Dominican in late March/April with my lady. That was so much fun. In late July we took a road trip to Niagara Falls. It was my first time there. It was great to see and we had a blast. I’m really looking forward to us having more adventures in our future!! I haven’t really travelled much without it being work.