Back After The Hack Attack

Well, my site and all other sites I’ve had on my server (some for quite a long time) were hacked. It was partially my fault. I didn’t keep up with the updates and it left my sites and my server vulnerable to hacking. My site became corrupt and I was blocked from accessing it. I was finally able to get one and grab what I could. But most was lost. I was able to save all my posts. I will be working more on this site as time goes on. I figure I will combine all my different sites into this one. My studio site and my other production sites. All sites shall point here. It will keep me busy for a while. Today I was able to add some basics I had before. I will be adding more pages. A Shows page to see where I’m playing next. A band page to showcase the projects I’m in now. And a few others. I will try and be more careful and update as much as possible. So … off I go to add more content!!!