A Year In The Making

It’s that time again for my yearly post.

So I’ve been busy with the studio, gigs, Cigar Box Guitar making and life in general. I’ve recorded the upcoming album for The Ramblers to be released in May. Have been working on this record for months. I’ve also recorded a stripped down blues CD for Burn Cast Blues that was loads of fun. Tracked many demos and about to release a 6 song EP for my new band The Asssociates.

My Cigar Box guitars have taken off. They’ve been selling faster than I can make them. Which is great news, but hard to keep up  :-). I’ve been selling them exclusively at Musi-Tec. I also do custom CBG’s for anyone interested.

The first week of May I will be going to Sandpiper Florida. I’ll be playing at the Club Med out there. Really looking forward to sitting around in paradise and playing a bit of music with good friends.

When I get back, it’s back to the grind with recording the upcoming CD for Paolo Stante. Wicked blues guitarist and a solid band! This one is gonna blow your socks off!

And now the obligatory “I will try to post more here” line.

Until next year!!