The end of the year is approaching. I’ve decided to shake things up and move on to other projects. I’ve decided to leave the Carolyn Fe Blues Collective in order to put time into other projects I’ve been meaning to start and complete. The CFBC is a project that needs full 100% commitment and I wanted to move on to other projects that I’ve been meaning to do for some time now. It was a tough decision but one that is better for me but especially better for The Carolyn Fe Blues Collective. The band is charging forward with a new album that is sounding AWESOME (wait until you hear the new sounds!). The split was amicable and one that I feel will benefit the band as well as myself. Because it’s a Collective, it doesn’t mean you’ll never see me on stage with my friends again. Just not as a full time player.


And for the New Year, I got some exciting news. I will be performing in POLAND for 10 weeks. I’ll be rocking out in Krakow, Poland in March for a total of 10 weeks. What’s awesome about this gig is that it’s pure Rock and Roll!! No Top 40 and NO RHIANNA!! lol. Aerosmith and Thin Lizzy will be on the menu! And I’ll be with some awesome players so I’m really looking forward to it.


Eclipse has just performed their first show as “Acoustic Floyd”. It’s a new concept we’ve tried which involves playing all of Pink Floyd’s greatest hits acoustically. More of a percussion setup with an upright bass, all acoustic guitars with banjo, ukulele and cigar box guitar. We re-arranged some songs to fit more with this setup. We performed to a packed house at the Tapis Rouge in St Jerome and the crowd loved it. The test show was a success so we’ll be bringing this concept show all over in the new year. This is a show that really hasn’t been done before so we’re very excited. And there are so many Pink Floyd tributes, so we wanted to offer something different. If yo’re a Pink Floyd fan (or even if you’re not), you’re going to LOVE this show!


And on the Cigar Box Guitar front … they are selling like HOTCAKES! I need to step up my production. I brought them in to the awesome store MUSI-TEC and they’ve been a hit! I brought in 9 and have sold 7 to date. I have a few in the works but I’ll need to stock up FAST!


Peace out!