Currently working really hard on a few albums that are aiming to be released this spring. In the last few weeks, I started tracking a new album with Daniel Iorio. Songs are sounding great. The Alec McElcheran Trio album is in the final stages and will be a killer album. I’m also working hard with Carolyn-Fe Blues Collective on the follow up to our award winning album. The tunes and sound are a huge leap from the last album. Looking forward to getting this out to the fans!!

On another fantastic note, The Carolyn Fe Blues Collective are now sponsored by
We’re very excited and are really looking forward to working with this great company!!

As for the tours … going to be working with the big tribute to Abba from the UK called Generation ABBA. They’re coming to Canada for a short Quebec tour. Looking forward to those gigs. Also, been working hard on the brand new show for Eclipse, The Pink Floyd Story. We’re working hard on a never seen before show. The tour will bring us all over Quebec next fall and there are some preparations for some dates overseas! Looking forward to it!!!!