So today is the first day of spring. I thought I’d celebrate by doing a much needed website update.

To start with I realized that my contact page has had an error on it for some time. Not sure how long. Everything was working and then one day it wasn’t. I know my server did some updates so it must have been around that time. Anyways, a new form has been added and seems to be working now.

I’ve also added more photos to the photo section. So feel free to go check them out.

Now on to what I’ve been up to. The Poland gig fell through. Well … it’s been postponed. There is still a possibility but we’ll wait and see for that. But I’ve been quite busy with other projects. I’m starting up a duo that will play the pubs around town. I will be the guitarist with my friend Tanya as the vocalist. Just starting out now. We don’t have a name as of yet. But it’s going to be cool, different and loads of fun. Asides from that, I currently have a few working bands right now that help pay the bill. They are :

Eclipse – Pink Floyd tribute
The Rock and Roll Casualties
The Alec McElcheran Trio (and Duo)

Two of my bands have a residency at McKibbins. Each 2nd weekend of the month I will be playing at 2 of the McKibbins with The Rock and Roll Casualties. And every 4th weekend of the month I am at 2 of the McKibbins with Funktion. So at the start of every month, just check out the McKibbins calendar to see which ones I’m playing at.

For the past few months I’ve also been in the house band (Crawdaddy) at a great restaurant in Old Montreal called Rosewood. Every 2nd and 4th tuesday of the month we run a jam night there hosted by Jonas (Jonas and The Massive Attraction, who’s also one of the owners) and Bilal Butt from CHOM FM. It’s such an awesome night of music. All must come!!! 🙂

On the original side of things, I’m keeping quite busy. I’m playing often with Alec and some new songs are in the works for a new album. I’m also completing an album with Alan Springer. That’s coming along really well. And finally I’ve been working on my own solo album/project. It’s going to be quite different and I have a few surprises in mind. Finally doing one for me.

Guitars Guitars Guitars!! With all of this going on I’m doing SUPER well with Juke Joint Guitars. I barely have enough time to keep up with the sales at the store and with custom builds. It’s all good because it’s a passion of mine.

So the final update for me to do is to get my gig calendar up and running again. I need to find a good pluggin for the site to run with my google calendar but still look good. One day. So I will be updating that as much as possible.

That’s it for now. Spring is here.