Projects Arising

Well, it has been a while. All went really well in Belgium. Eclipse played at the Forest National in Brussels. We sold out the venue and had a great response! Because of that we are in the process of setting up a small tour in the spring hitting a few venues in and around Belgium. We’re also working on an East Coast Canadian tour along with a big show in Montreal. I’ll post info as soon as things are confirmed.

On the studio side, things have never been busy. Working really hard on the new Carolyn-Fe CD. Things are going great! I’m really excited about this album. We have a huge amount of songs we’re working on and they are sounding great. I’m also in the process of recording some songs with Peter and Chaz (Eclipse, Invisible Man). It started as just jamming out some ideas but has turned into recording an album. Each song just sounds fantastic. We’re looking at recording this ‘old school’. Still doing it to protools, but after we write the tunes, we want to take a few days and track the whole album live. We realize that things sound so good just recording the writing and jamming process so we want to capture that. Along with that, there has been talk going back and forth for another Daniel Iorio album. Excitement is in the air. I’ve received a bunch of demos from him and I’m excited to get to work on them. This album will be more stripped down compared to the last album. This will also be more of a “live off the floor” type of concept. I’m very pumped about this.

There are also some other things in the works for me that I’m excited about and once I get things on the way with them, I’ll be posting more info. Stay tuned!!!

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