Well, the world has changed now hasn’t it. Since my last post a lot has happened with me and also with the world. COVID-19. Wow. As this virus was just starting I left for my annual trip to Club Med. This time we were heading back to Mexico (Ixtapa). When we left it, the virus didn’t really spread to North America yet so we felt we were safe to go. But while we were there it started picking up steam. We tried to get back earlier but all the flights were being booked up so we basically had to stay until our flight was going to leave. Two days before our flight, we checked and saw our flight was postponed to 9 days later. It was a little nerve racking. Luckily I travel with the best of people and everyone stepped up and we got flights booked. There was a lot of touch and go but we finally made it home under the wire. Since I’ve been back I’ve been locked in my home under mandatory isolation from everyone. I had my fridge stocked before I got back. I’m more than blessed to have my studio in my home so my time has been put to good use!

So now that I’m in for what seems like a long time, I’ll be concentrating my time on my studio and recording. I also recently upgraded my DAW to Protools 12 which has made a huge difference. My drum tracks have never sounded better. Feel free to ask for some samples!!

So because of the lock down and how it’s affecting musicians (well and everyone), I’d like to offer my services as a drum track/mixer. If you have a project and need some help let me know. Drum tracks. Mixing. Whatever. Drop me a line and we can see what we can do.