So I’ve started building guitars from Cigar Boxes. Having a great time doing it and it’s a long learning process. I’m creating everything from scratch including carving my own neck. I’ve just tried my first fret job which didn’t work out too well. It’s a learning process. The next one will be great.cigarbox1 My first guitar is a fretless guitar made just for slide guitar playing. I have a piezo pickup installed. The guitar sounds great and I’m really happy with the turnout. Especially for my first effort.


cigarbox2The second guitar I made for my girlfriends 4 year old daughter. I had some wood left over for a small neck and had a small cigar box and thought it would be perfect. She saw my other one and asked me to make her a Frozen themed guitar. I thought it would be a good opportunity to try fretting the neck on this one. She painted it and actually designed to front image. I’ve been getting some other parents asking me to make their kids some guitars, so I may be taking orders soon!!

I’ll be posting some videos and perhaps creating a page on this site with more of what I’m doing. Stay tuned!!!