2024 – Another year

I’m not a blog person. So the blogs can be far and between. Mostly because I do have exciting things happening, but they are all similar to my past exciting things. New records, new shows, new musical experiences. Speaking of musical experiences. My winter months where quite busy studio wise but quiet on the live show side. Which is how I like it. The live show 2023 ended with a great bang. “Bang a Gong”. A show produced by Billy Bob Productions at Club Soda. I was in the house band and it was such a hoot. CLICK HERE to learn more about it.

The winter months were busy finishing up Paolo Stante‘s latest album “Lawless” (which is out now on all platforms). In the final stages of another full album production and starting 2 new ones.

Aside from the studio work, 2024 had me stepping in an playing drums for the harmonica maestro Guy Belanger. Been doing a ton of shows with him and it’s been a blast. If you haven’t seen his show live, I highly recommend it. Not just because I am in it 🙂

The start of the summer will be a good one I’m sure. The 2 new album productions are coming along nicely and I’m teaming up with my longtime buddy Dano Peace for some tracking and mixing of some of his original material. Wait until you hear this!!!