So 2019 is starting off well. All new beginnings personally and musically.
Funktion (my cover band) has now went through some musician changes and is starting a new in January with some new songs. It will be fresh with a name change as well. Big J. We will be hitting the pubs and the corporate gigs in the summer. Looking forward to that.

I also will be playing shows with an awesome Pat Benatar tribute called Invincible. Check out their sites for dates and info on the band : www.invincible.rocks

And what seems to be my annual trip, I will be spending the majority of March in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic playing at the Club Med. I’ll be spending a week playing with The One Love Project and staying on the play with Tanya E for 2 more weeks. Definitely looking forward to leaving this darn winter!

I’m also working on producing an album for Tanya E. It’s going to be a great blues based record. I’m having loads of fun writing songs with her and just started to lay down some basic tracks. Wait until you hear what we have in store for you!!!

And finally I’m very excited about the new drumset I bought. I got the Tama Superstar Hyperdrive Duo kit. I’m in love. It’s such a great sounding kit, but best of all it feels really good to play. I’m looking forward to testing it out in the studio and live.  Ain’t she a beauty!!

So here’s to looking at an amazing 2019. Looking forward to moving ahead and new adventures. I’ll be posting more. I promise 🙂