2011 – A Great Year

2011 is shaping up to be a great year. Lots of projects are in the works. I’m currently finishing the new Carolyn-Fe album. We’ve recorded 20 songs and are laying down some final touches. Then it’s choosing our favorite songs and mixing. All will be done in the next month. Also, I’m finishing off another album with Chaz and Pete and keyboardist Zach. We don’t have a name for the band yet. This album has been a lot of fun. We’ve been going old school with this by writing songs all together and recording the tunes live off the floor with no click or overdubs. I’m really looking forward to releasing this one! It’s sounding great!

Speaking of sounding great … my studio has been upgraded. I went from an old pro tools unit to a new Digi003. Things are sounding better than ever and I’m looking forward to having a busy year this year.

Speaking of which, there’s lots of things in the works for Eclipse. We have a show confirmation to start off our fall tour. We’re booked Nov 10th at the Pavillion de la Jeunesse in Quebec City to celebrate 40 years to the day (and same venue) that Pink Floyd played for the first time in Quebec. We’ll be bringing our huge show to Montreal, Gatineau, Kingston, Toronto and some more cities to come. It’s exciting time. Check out the site for more info to come (link on the side)

With all this happening I’ve decided to trim down some of the things I’ve been doing as well. I’ve quit doing broadcast514 and some other music projects I was a part of. It’ll give me time to focus on some things I need to and get my studio more busy. All in all … 2011 is looking like a great year!