I’ve just started making Cigar Box Guitars. After seeing some videos on youtube of some Cigar Box players and doing some research I decided to buy one to learn to play it and possibly write some songs for the recently released Carolyn Fe Blues Collective album. I ended up writing and playing 2 songs that made it on the record. I fell in love with the guitar and decided to try and make some myself. At this point I have made at least 5 guitars. All from scratch. From carving and fretting my own neck to wiring pickups inside the boxes. I even created a custom small scale Cigar Box Guitar for my girlfriends daughter. She helped paint and design the cover to have her favorite Princesses from Frozen on it. It was a great way to try fretting my first guitar. It didn’t turn out too well, but it doesn’t make a difference for a 4 year old. Below are some pictures of some of the guitars I’ve built. For more information, please visit my webpage :